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            Textile Fiberspace

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            Textile Fiberspace

            FOR MEMBERS

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            Pay Per Lead Service
            An easy to use service that matches Buyers/Consumers of specific materials/items with Sellers/Producers
            Basic Membership
            View the contact information of the companies listed in the alphabetical directories. View the Daily Spot Market Prices.
            Trader Access
            Receive to your Email, in Real Time, the buy, sell, trade listings as they are posted into the exchange.
            Graphic Advertising Services
            Targeted Graphic Advertising (GA) - banner ads, mini-ads, Feature of the Day, Special Ad Packages.
            Specifically for OEM, Equipment and Service related companies. Enhanced visibility by cross indexing (Linking) your company.

            FREE SERVICES
            Affiliate Program
            Looking for industy specific content to add to you your site - Become an affiliate today .
            Add your Company
            Join the Textile Fiberspace community today. Register as a user - a free service.
            Buy / Sell / Trade Exchange Listings
            Submit listings to the Textile FiberSpace Exchange (TFE) and receive replies to your listings directly by email.
            OEM Equipment Finder / RFQ Service
            This Free service provides an easy solution to locating/pricing new equipment. Simply submit your request and select the type of equipment or service you are in need of - supplies and OEM reps. will contact you directly to discuss your submission.
            Webmaster Help-Line
            Technical Help for problems with Textile Fiberspace.

            Remember! Say you saw it in Textile FiberSpace.

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            Textile Recycling Info
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