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            Textile Fiberspace

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            Price Reports
            Scrap Commodity Pricing and Recycling Market Trend Information

            The Textile FiberSpace Exchange (TFE) is a member of a worldwide network of regional online exchanges which facilitate the trade of scrap and recyclable commodities. Activity from the online exchanges contributes source data to ScrapIndex.com.
            ScrapIndex.com compiles price data from the network of online exchanges, ROCs Reports and other external data, including surveys, to produce a variety of price reports.

            Current Spot Market Price Reports
            Daily Spot Market Prices by the category
            included in website Basic Membership or available with Pay Per Lead credits
            Daily Spot Market Prices
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            Multi-Year Price Summarys
            Annual price summary of the historical high, low and yearly average of the spot market prices by specific grade of material.

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            Monthly Average Prices
            • Monthly Average Market Price Summarys - Monthly high, low and average price summary by the calender year (for multiple years) of the spot market prices by specific grade of material.
            • Past 12 Month Summary Reports - Summary for the past twelve month period of the Monthly high, low and average market prices by individual grade of scrap material. Includes the historical daily spot market prices for each month

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            Snapshot Price Reports
            Current Month to Date - Detailed report of the daily spot market prices over a 90 day period by individual grade of scrap materials.

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            Historical Price Reports
            • Monthly, Quarterly, Annually - Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Historical Market Price Reports are available for purchase by specific grade of material. ( available on a Pay Per Lead credit package only)
            • Quarterly & Annually - Quarterly and Annual Historic Market Price reports available by specific grade(s) of material.

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            Composite Index Reports
            Track the changing market trends across the spectrum of the recycling (secondary materials) marketplace.

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            Heartbeat Reports
            Track the current price and market trends for groupings of secondary commodites.

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            Price Reports Overview

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